Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Water Weinies

Sand Castle Team

Gotta Go, We Need More Water!

Made in the Semi-Shade!
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Bear Lake 30 Years Later

Saint Charles Canyon, Different Campground, Eva, Kate, Kirk Gideon, Ben, Randy, Joyce, Ann, Richard and Melissa August 2010

Tracy, Ryan, Kirk and Eva Paddling for All they're Worth?

Becca, Brandon, Katie, Jill, Ann, Richard and Melissa Taking a "Break from the Wake"

Gideon the Tortoise
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Our Newest Shaw

Precious Erika and Esper

Kissin' Kate and 'Kenzi

Gpa and His Girls

Kenzi puts Mom to Sleep
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Sweet Sisters in Love

Happy Boys

Shaw Boys

The End
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Beautiful Mom, Jess

Sparklin' Mackenzie

Beautiful Grandma Julie and Sweet Esper

Smilin' Aunt Rebecca
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Shaw Sunday, Sundae Party 2010

Jeff's Cute Kids

Happy Aiden

Beautiful Addison with Daddy Bryan
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